Lil Yachty And Rae Sremmurd Come Through On A Remix Of Khalid’s Smoldering ‘Young, Dumb & Broke’

One of the standout albums of 2017 is Khalid’s debut release American Teen. Buoyed by the success of the single “Location,” the album, as put together by the 19-year old artist from Georgia, speaks to the experience and outlook of a new, younger generation. It’s in that spirit, that Khalid has shared a brand new take on one of the standout tracks from American Teen, the song “Young, Dumb & Broke,” and nabbed new contributions on the song from Rae Sremmurd and the unofficial “King of Teens,” Lil Yachty.

The new version doesn’t deviate too much from the sound and spirit of the original. Yachty goes a long way toward relating the pressures of trying to make it into adulthood, rapping, “Back in high school Boat was so emotional / Now I’m super rich and everything I do is so promotional / I didn’t finish college, so my momma thought I wouldn’t be sh*t / I had to prove her wrong / That’s why I talk about her now in every single song.” Every single song might be a misnomer, but the last track on his most recent album Teenage Emotions “Momma” is a totally endearing dedication.

This of course isn’t the first time that Khalid has gone back and added some superstar power to an American Teen track. Back in March, he unveiled a brand new take on his biggest single “Location,” that came with new vocal accompaniments from Kehlani and Lil Wayne.

You can check out the new version of “Young, Dumb &Broke” above.

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