Kim Kardashian Is Being Accused Of Wearing Blackface In Her Latest Ad, But Her Fans Aren’t Buying It

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy, she’s so polarizing that it seems like no matter what she does it upsets somebody. Of course, that’s part of the price of fame, and given how famous she is, she has to pay that price often. Kim stirred up her latest bit of controversy on Wednesday, when she announced a new kit from her makeup line and set off a firestorm about what some perceived to be her wearing blackface.

KKW Beauty launches next week so Kim announced a new color and contour kit, and in doing so posted a picture of herself seemingly darker than usual. Some took offense, immediately saying she was wearing blackface and pointing out that she was lighter in similar pictures.

It could be unintentional, or just a darker filter and some photoshop wizardry to show that the line has darker palettes for women of all shades. But, Kim also could have used a person of color to model the darker palettes if that was the case. Kim has been accused many times before of exploiting and appropriating black culture, a problem that has existed forever and is beyond frustrating for people within that culture. So, as a result, Kim’s mentions were filled with people calling her out for the perceived disrespect, but because it’s the internet, just as many jumped in to defend her.

It may have been innocent enough, and by no means is this actual, literal, minstrel show blackface, but we’ve seen this dance before. Kim will probably apologize, plead ignorance and people will be unsatisfied and unmoved. Rinse repeat. Hopefully she breaks the trend, offers a nuanced response and everything will all makes sense tomorrow. Check out some of the reactions below.