Kodak Black Cancelled A Show In Vancouver After Being Denied Entry Into Canada

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There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the rapper Kodak Black. Just three months into the new year, the Florida rapper has already stirred the proverbial pot more than a few times in 2019. In early March, he told Lil Wayne that “he should’ve died as a baby” during a club appearance in Miami. Just days after that he got people talking again for what many perceived to be homophobic remarks about New York rapper Young MA. Just last week, he embedded himself deep under the skin of rap purists by asserting that he thought that hip hop legends Biggie and Tupac were only considered as such because they died. On Tuesday, the 21-year-old made headlines again.

Black was scheduled to perform at the PNE Forum in Vancouver as part of his “Dying to Live” tour, but according to a tweet sent out by the venue the, rapper’s show was postponed to May. This was reportedly due to the fact that Black was being denied entry into the country.

As the rapper’s DJ, DJ Showtime, explained in a post on Instagram, the rapper was stopped at the Canadian border and not permitted to enter. “I didn’t know it’s was so hard getting into Canada, but for all the fans who wanted to see Kodak Black tonight sorry!” Showtime wrote. “Kodak is very upset about the outcome of this situation. ”