LeBron James Lavished Praise On Jay-Z’s New Album ‘4:44’ Calling It A ‘Testimony’

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In the world of rap, LeBron James’ opinion matter. Just look at what he did for Tee Grizzley by merely posting a video to Instagram recently after shaving his head down to the scalp and going beast mode. Turns out when the greatest basketball player on the planet is a fan of what you’re doing, other people become more willing to check out your stuff. The Detroit rapper has broken out in a way that no one could’ve expected, and even earned a shoutout from Jay-Z in his recent Twitter round up of artist that inspired him the night he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Speaking of Jay, like many of us, LeBron has apparently been bumping Hov’s latest album 4:44 since it dropped early this morning and he likes what he hears. Beginning with a simple tweet of the album name itself, LeBron then elaborated on the importance of the content, themes of social justice, that Jay wove together on his 13th solo album. “I hope y’all truly listening to what he’s saying,” James wrote. “Giving the game and blueprint once again for damn near free! This is a testimony. 4:44.’

Then after noticing a Kendrick Lamar tweet where he called himself the student and Jay the master, LeBron added, “The both of y’all are!! Salute to real music and teachers like you 2! Not many left.”

I wonder what he thinks of the Kanye diss?

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