LeBron And Kamaiyah Use Sprite To Strike Out Big Thirst In A Hilarious New Commercial

While most endorsers and pitchmen do little more than stand there and say stuff like “Drink Sprite,” to urge consumers to buy products, NBA superstar LeBron James likes to stray away from the ordinary, and do things a little differently. In fact, last year, LeBron hilariously refused to tell fans to “Drink Sprite” in a surreal ad campaign that was both entertaining and refreshing. Now, LeBron coming out of left field, quite literally, for his new Sprite campaign and he brought Interscope Records’ own superstar on the rise, Kamaiyah along for the ride with him.

In the latest ad, LeBron stars as The Big Taste, a superstar pitcher who serves up an ice cold Sprite strike out to a fearsome hitter named Big Thirst, with the help of his catcher Ice-Ya, played by Kamaiyah. LeBron is armed with an ice cold glove, a pair of custom LeBron baseball cleats and a mean mustache, and Kamaiyah wraps thing up by taking an ice cold drink of the Sprite LeBron pitched to her, flashing her diamond-flooded grill and her ear to ear smile.

“It was fun to do something different and play the role of what felt more like an alter ego in Big Taste,” said James, who has worked with Sprite since he came into the NBA back in 2003. “Sprite is always coming up with creative ways to tell their story that connect with fans, and this time that meant pulling on the stirrups and taking the mound for that big strikeout, which is something you dream about doing as a kid.”