Lil B Gets Jumped By A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie And PNB Rock And Promptly Forgives Both

New York rappers A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and PNB Rock got their crews to jump Oakland rapper/living meme LIl B at the Bay Area’s Rolling Loud festival and the Based God’s fans are standing up for him in a big way. Lil B himself has taken to Twitter — his favorite social media outlet by far, considering his prolific activity and fun-loving and often mystifyingly goofy personality there — to not only condemn the attack but to also express forgiveness and his appreciation of A Boogie and Rock’s artistry.

The attack was apparently prompted by a tweet Lil B sent in September that the New York rappers considered disparaging to their craft. “I FEEL LIKE I REP NEW YORK HIP HOP HARDER THEN SOME OF THE ARTIST FROM NEW YORK!” Lil B wrote, in his typically all-caps style, “THESE NEW YORK ARTIST SOUND LIKE FUTURE N DEJ LOAF.”

Which is, to some degree, true. Melody has become more prominent in the New York rap scene of late, with everyone from French Montana to, yes, A Boogie, spending a significant portion of their recent projects crooning rather than straight-up spitting like Nas and AZ in ’94. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but clearly, Lil B is a big fan of straightforward, lyrical, ’90s-centric New York rap. Unfortunately, some of the artists flying the Big Apple flag took issue and the result can be seen in the video above.

However, unlike many other rappers with tough-guy images, you won’t catch Lil B retaliating anytime soon. He did tweet about the attack right away, but only to admonish fans not to resort to any sort of violence of their own. “A boogie with a hoodie and his crew jumped me don’t [know] how many of em it was but it’s all good I love y’all and I forgive y’all. LOVE,” he wrote, “Just because someone hurts you does not mean you need to retaliate! I love the people who jumped me I mean that stay positive [and] safe.”

He followed up by tweeting, “Use me as an example I was violently jumped by a boogie. Hella his people. I was 1 deep, no security. It’s good. I forgive them. Love y’all.” Of course, his fans and other artists responded by showing support and further condemning A Boogie and Rock’s attack. With all the macho posturing in hip-hop, it’s certainly something to see an artist as thoroughly committed to positivity and nonviolence as Lil B, and it’s a sentiment that hopefully spreads.

Elsewhere during Rolling Loud, a separate altercation involved Florida rapper XXXtentacion and a fan and was not-so-peacefully resolved.