Lil Peep’s Final Video ‘Save That Sh*t’ Features A Loving Farewell From His Mom

When Lil Peep passed last month, he left behind an unfulfilled musical legacy. Today, a very small part of that legacy has been completed with the release of his final music video, “Save That Sh*t.” The video opens with a loving farewell from his mother and features concert footage of his live performances interspersed with scenes from a long-distance love affair carried out via text messages between Gus and his girl.

Peep’s untimely death from an overdose of the painkiller fentanyl misrepresented as Xanax cut his rise to prominence painfully short for his fans, friends, and family. The video for “Save That Sh*t” may help alleviate some of their anguish as it gives them a piece of him that they can continue to enjoy as they mourn his loss.

In the meantime, his family has released a line of Lil Peep memorial merchandise to allow fans to show support for the deceased rapper, as well as a tribute video featuring his thoughts about his improbable rise to fame.

Hip-hop also reeled from the loss of one of its rising stars, with many rappers and fans taking stock of the increased prominence of drug use in the music and imagery used to sell it. Hopefully, as rap continues to grapple with the effects of Peep’s death, his mom’s words will act as a reminder that everyone has something to lose.