Lil Peep Receives A Haunting Tribute From His Videographer Following His Shocking Death

The death of rapper Lil Peep at the age of 21 came as a shock to many fans and members of the hip hop community, cutting his career short far too soon after a reported overdose. There has been an outpouring of grief and tributes since the young rapper’s passing, including a heartbreaking reaction from his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne saying Peep was “even more f*cking great as a person.” The death also highlighted the glorification of drugs within the younger hip hop artists entering prominence, placing Lil Peep directly at the top of the list of cautionary tales.

Now Lil Peep’s videographer, Wiggy, has put together this clip that acts a bit of haunting tribute to Lil Peep and the personality he was on and off the stage. The clip opens with Peep on a plane ride discussing the trajectory of his career and the work he put in to becoming a popular artist a very young age:

“You don’t expect any of this to happen but you don’t get here without working really fucking hard. Once you’re here it’s not like you’re surprised to be here it’s like ‘f*ck I’ve done so much…

“Are you really surprised you’re here? No.”

The clip itself features Lil Peep’s “Downtown” as its backing track and really stands as the type of clip any person would want to have left behind to represent them. While his life might’ve met a tragic, unfortunate, and preventable end, he seemed to live his life to his fullest potential. It’s a good way to remember someone.

(Via Billboard / The FADER)