Lil Pump’s ‘Gucci Gang’ Video Was Shot At A Catholic School And The LA Archdiocese Is Furious

At just 17-years-old and green to the rap game, Lil Pump has gained a lot of enemies. There are people who use his colored dreads as the new school version of skinny jeans in terms of being symbolism of hip-hop’s demise. Then there are people who view his “Gucci Gang” track as the antithesis of “real hip-hop.” For the most part, many people enjoy the banger for what it is. But there are other hip-hop purists who think the fact that he rhymes “Gucci Gang” over and over is sacrilegious to the art of lyricism. Those conservatives are now joined in the anti-Pump lobby by people who think the video for “Gucci Gang” is literally sacrilege.

TMZ reports the Archdiocese of LA is upset with Pump and LA’s Blessed Sacrament Catholic School for filming scenes of the racy video at the elementary school. The school apparently failed to tell the Archdiocese what would be going on in the video — or that they were even filming it, which is a big no-no for the understandably strict religious community.

We’re guessing that if they had known about the video, they wouldn’t have okayed the treatment, which showcased Pump roaming the school with a cup of lean and bags of weed. The Archdiocese is reportedly “looking into the matter” as TMZ states, though they can’t really do much to Pump at this point. Maybe Pump should contact part-time preacher Mase and get him to call the Archdiocese to ask, “Can’t a young rapper get money anymore?”