Lloyd Puts On A Passionate Performance In The Video For His Comeback Track, ‘Tru’

Lloyd is slowly making his comeback after being away from the music industry for about four years. Three months ago, he released his first single, “Tru,” which served as a letter explaining his absence from the game. He had to go through a lot to make it out of the bad situations he was in, but now Lloyd is a free independent man who teamed up with EMPIRE distribution for his upcoming album. Before it arrives sometime in 2016, he gives us a video for “Tru.”

In between singing at a few spots in Atlanta that hold memories for him, Lloyd gives us some glimpses into his family life and shows himself real happy playing with his daughter. It’s the highlight of the video.

As someone who has been a fan, it’ll be interesting to see where Lloyd can go on this next album. For the first time in his career, he may not have a hit single since he’s going the indie route. I think this album will define who his core fanbase is, and likely bring in more money to his own pocket versus being on a major label.