Ludacris Returns To Music But All Anyone Can Talk About Are His Fake Abs In The Video

When Ludacris — the Back For The First Time turned one film a year wrench guy for the Fast & The Furious — returned with a new song called “Vitamin D,” longtime Luda fans were skeptical. The string section from the “Thong Song” is the bed for the entire song, and that alone should make you think Ludacris should have at least one shot in the video where he’s walking on people in a white linen suit. Besides Reggie Noble, Luda is the king of transforming himself for his own music videos. Why not “Vitamin D?”

Well, Ludacris does indeed decide to transform for “Vitamin D.” Our resident Dr. Miami spoofer decides to get into a body suit with abs that mirror the following items of your life: King Hawaiian Rolls, a Sega Dreamcast controller, the graphics from a Nintendo 64 wrestling game and more. For a song specifically about sex, much like Luda’s first single some 17 (!) years ago, the song plays exactly to where Luda’s head was at then.

“Cause the girls stay wetter than Michael Phelps / And she get right down to the business / She stimulate the five senses / And she like it when I grab her hair / But I might pull out them extensions,” Ludacris raps on the first verse here and it’s not long before he’s inside of a vitamin capsule to drive the point home.

The Fate of The Furious track features Ty Dolla Sign as an M.D. who specializes in nothing but shapely models in lingerie and Luda living out every idea Dr. Miami has whenever he’s not Snapchatting a breast augmentation or Brazillian butt lift. Flashy cars, shirtless Gucci shirts. It’s as if Chris Bridges leaned so far into The Rock’s old life as Wyclef’s hype-man that he’s now delivering the goods here. Yet, it’s all for naught as the former Cris Lova Lova’s abs, the models and everything else are just a figment of his imagination.

You can check out the video to “Vitamin D” up top. The Fate of The Furious soundtrack drops Friday, right along with the eighth film in the vaunted car-themed franchise. (Rest in peace Paul Walker.)