Macklemore And Lil Yachty’s Happy-Rap Collab ‘Marmalade’ Is A Sunny, Syrupy Jam

07.26.17 2 years ago

This is the Yachty we need more of. Go figure it would be Macklemore of all people who’d bring him back around to the happy-rap hallmarks that first made him a household name.

Of course, Mack himself has been a cheerful upturn of late, hanging out with his grandma in the video for the aptly-titled”Glorious.” He’s still been getting political though, as he took on America’s post-election hangover with “Wednesday Morning,” and appeared alongside Compton rapper YG for the remix to “F.D.T.

“Marmalade” combines the best of both, with sunny keys akin to those on Yachty’s best guest appearances, “Broccoli” with Big Baby D.R.A.M., and “iSpy” with Kyle. While Macklemore waxes goofily philosophical about Silkk Da Shocker classics and calls “Toy Story 3 a great f*cking movie,” while celebrating his life goals, Yachty reverts to the uber-positive Lil Boat personality that had the rap world eagerly anticipating his Teenage Emotions debut, big-upping his “hair so nappy, you gonna have some trouble braiding it down,” taking some time out to appreciate classical music, and remembering to shout-out the authorities, capping off his verse with “f*ck the cops and f*ck Donald Trump,” all with a clearly audible smile.

These two may have been knocked off their game a bit, but “Marmalade” just demonstrates how willing they are to bounce back, and get back to what works — making catchy, upbeat jams and staying positive no matter what.

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