Marshawn Lynch Is Spending Retirement Playing Chicken On A Bike With Scottish Buses

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It feels like Marshawn Lynch retired a decade ago but it hasn’t been year yet. He’s also just 30 years old, which means he’s a potentially dangerous combination of young, wealthy and with loads of free time.

What has that meant for Lynch? Parties? Drugs? Blowing his money on unimportant things?

Not at all. Lynch is filling his days by riding a bike on the streets of Scotland with a bus rushing toward him from the opposite direction. Yes, Lynch is playing chicken with mass transit vehicles in foreign lands.

You can tell Lynch has gone soft in retirement because he would’ve run that bus over, spun away and biked another 60 yards for a touchdown.

It’s important to note that Lynch is remaining loyal to the Skittles brand with the pouch on the front of the bike, which I assume is filled with Skittles.

Still, what is Lynch doing? Of all the ways for a famous person to die, “wheelie’d a bike into a bus” would be the most embarrassing. Just picture the crime scene. Mangled bike. Weeping bus driver. Skittles scattered all over the place.

Actually, this could be one of those weird Skittles ads, couldn’t it? You’re welcome, Skittles marketing team.

(h/t Bro Bible)