Max B Might Be Coming Home From From Prison Very Soon

It took all the way until Friday, but we now officially have the waviest news of the week. According to French Montana, his friend Max B will finally be released from prison after several of the charges in his case were dropped. Max won’t be home immediately but according to French he’ll be home “in two years” but cautioned “if he act like Max B he’ll be home in six years,” inferring that his release date is dependent on good behavior.

Reps for the 38-year-old MC confirmed the news in a press release:

We are pleased to announce new developments regarding the prison sentence of influential Harlem rapper Max B. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey initially sentenced Max B to a seventy-five (75) year prison sentence back in 2009, but with recent changes, including a new legal team and new management, a favorable agreement has been reached. Following a lengthy Post-Conviction Relief process, Max B has agreed to enter into a plea agreement for the sole charge of aggravated manslaughter. The original charges on his twelve-count indictment, which included first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and first-degree kidnapping, will all be dropped. As we approach a definitive release date, details and terms of his plea will be disclosed.

Max himself released a statement thanking his lawyers, French, The Breakfast Club and others including his mother “Mamaveli.” He also shouted out his fans and supporters saying “To all my fans that been holding it down for me all these years, still banging my music and still keeping it wavy. I love you all and Stay Wavy.”

It’s been quite the journey for Max since he was sentenced to 75 years in prison for charges related to a robbery that ended in a murder back in 2006. While incarcerated, Max has gathered a cult-like following which all came to a head when Kanye West announced he was naming his new album Waves earlier this year, rankling a ton of Max fans including Wiz Khalifa. That eventually caused a war of words between Wiz and Kanye that got ugly, and even though ‘Ye changed the name of the album, he got a co-sign from Max and threw it on the album as a skit.

A release in two years and a plea to a manslaughter charge would mean a 12 year sentence for Max, even though he reportedly wasn’t present at the time of the crime. He would be 40 years old if he is freed in two years, and would be looking to capitalize on all the buzz he garnered while in prison similar to Boosie and Gucci Mane, who have both become sort of new-age folk heroes, and seem to just be enjoying the hell out of life in general.