Three People Wronged By The Corrupt Cop In Meek Mill’s Case Were Freed Without A Hearing Today

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It feels like everybody except Meek Mill’s presiding judge Genece Brinkley thinks the rapper should be free in a case that’s become a call to action for Americans nationwide. Brinkley isn’t budging on her 2-to-4 year probation violation sentence, but the very case that engendered his probation is in question. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner believes that Meek should be freed to await a new trial. Ex-officer Reginald Graham, the sole testimony in Meek’s 2008 guns and drugs case, accrued a service record so corrupt that the city of Philadelphia put him on an unfit to testify list, and have begun reviewing Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petitions from people who were incarcerated with his testimony. Three PCRA petitioners were freed today by Philadelphia Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper without a hearing.

What’s troubling is that Meek was actually the first person to file the petition in February — and his legal team was the first to shed light on the list that Graham was on — yet he has to wait until June 18 for his hearing because of a decision by Judge Brinkley. Brinkley also refused to bail him out until the hearing. His legal team is disappointed, and have conveyed as much in a statement given to us by Meek’s publicist. His Lawyer Brian McMonagle noted:

“Today’s quick and decisive action by Judge Woods-Skipper to immediately dismiss three cases upon agreement from the District Attorney’s office without the need for a hearing highlights the injustice and inequitable treatment being visited upon Meek. As was expressed in court on Monday to Judge Brinkley, there is no reason to delay Meek’s case for 60 days or to hold a hearing as the District Attorney agrees that a new trial is warranted.”

Meek Mill also released a statement expressing gratitude, and clarifying the previous estimation of 80 petitioners:

“Today, I am thankful that 3 people’s cases were dismissed by Judge Woods-Skipper after the DA took the exact position that he took in my case, which is agreed to PCRA-relief. All these cases involved Reginald Graham and there are another 105 cases that just filed PCRAs with the same corrupt cop. Although my case was the first filed and the DA agreed to my new trial, the judge in my case decided it should wait for a hearing until June 18 yet the other 3 cases didn’t need a hearing.”

Meek’s Mill’s team is seeking a higher court to overrule Brinkley and get Meek freed as soon as possible. One prominent Philadelphian, Sixers player Joel Embiid, hopes that Meek will be free in time for the NBA Finals, which the team is still eligible to participate in. Embiid, who has visited Meek since he’s been incarcerated, spoke to the Philly Voice about his hopes: