Meek Mill And Drake Play Chicken With Luxury Cars In The Teaser Trailer For Their ‘Going Bad’ Video

Getty Image

When he was released from prison last year, one of the first things Meek Mill did was patch things up with erstwhile rival Drake. Their repaired relationship eventually led to the duo pairing up for the first time since the infamous “Twitter fingers” incident for a track on Meek’s Championships comeback album, “Going Bad.” Soon, you’ll be able to watch them share the screen once again when the video for “Going Bad” hits the internet tomorrow at 5pm EST. Meek shared a trailer of the clip on his Instagram, which you can watch below.

The video is directed by Kid Art and features Drake and Meek playing a nighttime game of chicken with a pair of luxury cars, likely a reference to their butting heads in 2015. While their collision back then wasn’t quite as mutually destructive as this video makes it seem, it did damage Meek’s reputation and in many ways contributed to Drake’s ultimate downfall last summer when Pusha T beat him at his own social media trolling game. The “Going Bad” video snippets also depict a rap-favorite, mafioso movie-inspired round table sequence complete with cigar smoke and expensive-looking suits intercut with horse races, hotel lobby brawls, and sensuous shots of crawling models.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill continued to dedicate himself to the cause of prison reform with a new partnership with Jay-Z and a soulful performance of his new album’s title track on SNL. Championships is out now on Maybach Music Group LLC/Atlantic Recording Corporation and you can get it here.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.