Drake Mended Fences With His Former Enemy Meek Mill During His Boston Show

Former bitter rap rivals Drake and Meek Mill finally ended their feud Saturday night in Boston when Drake brought his Philadelphia compatriot Meek onstage during his Aubrey And The Three Amigos tour stop for a warm embrace that reunited the pair for the first time since the fateful night that “trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers.”

The duo’s quarrel first began in July of 2015, when Meek sent a now-deleted tweet accusing Drake of employing a ghostwriter for his guest appearance on Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money track “R.I.C.O.” The result was a fiery onslaught of diss tracks from the Canadian rapper, who launched twin tracks “Charged Up” and “Back To Back,” which had the double effect of undermining Meek’s own response and unleashing Drake’s sizable fanbase on the other rapper’s social media profiles. While Meek has stated that he didn’t feel like he lost the battle, the court of public opinion ruled against the brash, street-bred battle rapper in favor of his more polished opponent.

However, Drake appeared more than willing to put any enmity aside when Meek ran afoul of the law. After Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison, Drake changed his tune, showing support for his incarcerated onetime collaborator. Upon Meek’s release, he hinted that the two were back in the studio again, but until Saturday, any reports of their reconciliation remained unproven. Meek’s appearance on stage surprised and delighted Boston fans in attendance as well as the larger hip-hop audience. It mirrored the similar onstage reconciliation of Jay-Z and Nas, as Drake and Meek Mill embraced, all smiles.

After the show, both rappers took to social media to express gratitude for the moment, with Drake posting an image of the moment and writing, “This really gave me peace of mind tonight. Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career. @meekmill I’m happy that you are home and that we could find our way back to our joint purpose.” Meek echoed the sentiment in his own post, simply writing, “WE BOTH HAPPY AS SH*T!”

With that, one of the biggest rap beefs of the last few years has been settled, but fans of the hyperaggressive competition that sometimes grows out of hip-hop will still have plenty to watch out for. As yet, Eminem has yet to respond to MGK’s “Rap Devil” shots and despite Kanye West’s recent apology to Drake, the animosity simmering beneath the surface of Drake’s relationship with Pusha still hasn’t been officially extinguished.