Black Thought Killed This Freestyle So Badly Method Man Had To Whip Out His Phone To Keep Up

Once upon a time it was one of the cardinal sins of rap: You do not pull out your phone (or notebook) when it’s time to freestyle. It’s a no go, and when you do need the help of your written raps during a “freestyle” session it’s basically a loss and you’re chastised forever. The likes of Canibus, Drake, Troy Ave, and countless battle rappers still hear about their cellphone snafus until this day, and now we can add Method Man to that list.

Yes, the living legend Method Man decided to rap straight from his cell phone in a crazy cypher on Sway In The Morning yesterday and knew he would get burned for it before he ever spits a bar. “I might have to read my sh*t,” Meth blurts out as he’s getting ready to kick off the cypher with Black Thought, a noted and respected freestyler. “I might have to go up in my phone. Don’t hate me for it, alright?” Sway did his best to cover for Meth, saying “Nah, it’s brand new. He just wrote this for the show,” but for the pundits, the damage was done.

With how insane Black Thought went mostly off the head, you can almost understand why Meth wanted to make sure he was going to keep up with the Roots frontman, but still, after people went crazy on Drake when he pulled out the Blackberry with the side-scroll on Hot 97, Meth might have some fire coming his way. Maybe.