Michelle Obama’s Speech Honoring Chance The Rapper At The BET Awards Upstaged The Whole Event

Chance The Rapper won BET’s Humanitarian Award at this year’s BET Awards and that’s cool, but he was completely upstaged when everybody’s favorite Obama, Michelle, completely owned the moment with her touching speech honoring Chance before he received his award.

The internet, of course, loves the former First Lady, and apparently seeing her on the screen brought back memories and have everybody yearning for her presence back in their lives. The memes were out in full force, with everything from happy tears to outright celebrations. It was great, and hilarious, as Twitter clearly wants more of Michelle even if she can’t live in the White House anymore.

So yeah, for a brief moment we all got to have Michelle back in our lives, just like we did with Barack when he honored Jay Z similarly when he inducted Jay into The Songwriters Hall of Fame a few weeks ago. Chance himself was blown away by the moment, and hadn’t prepared a speech even though he and everybody else knew he was getting the award. Maybe he was just in awe of Michelle like everybody else, but he was speechless and even though he killed it at the Grammy’s with his acceptance speech there, he was no match for Michelle and all her magic.