Takeoff Takes Center Stage On Migos’ New Album ‘Culture’ And That’s Perfect

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01.27.17 4 Comments

Just over three years ago Migos hit the scene, armed with a rapid fire flow, flanked in gold and draped in Versace they were a phenomenon so undeniable even Drake had to get in on the fun. His co-sign helped pushed Quavo, Offset and Takeoff onto the precipice of stardom. Legal troubles halted their momentum, and the group never quite fulfilled the promise of “Versace” and their early fame, but now, riding high off their first No. 1 record ever it seems they have finally lived up to their potential.

Building off the momentum of “Bad And Boujee” Migos’ timing couldn’t be any more perfect with the release of their their second official album Culture. While they were plagued with redundancy in the past, Migos seem to have finally found their footing, shifting between their trademark, stuttering flow and more harmonic, digitally enhanced cooing throughout the project’s hour-long runtime. While Quavo is often touted as the group’s most talented performer, it seems to be Offset that takes the lead on Culture, easily varying up his gaudy, d-boy street tales with specks of introspection and witty similes and metaphors throughout. His voice booms while Quavo and Takeoff’s lighter pitches complement him and mesh perfectly as Offset takes the spotlight.

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