Migos Were Kicked Off A Flight In An Alleged Racial Profiling Incident

07.07.17 2 years ago 15 Comments

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The Migos don’t have the greatest history at airports. It was at an airport where they made a few questionable and possibly homophobic comments a few months ago, and now they were allegedly kicked off a flight for a strange reason.

According the TMZ, Offset was booted from a Delta flight, then the trio and their manager all chose to leave as well in a show of solidarity as they felt they’d been wronged and racially profiled. The manager explained to TMZ that the group was exhausted and sleeping on the flight when a flight attendant noticed Offset’s carry on bag was on the floor and not the overhead compartment as required. According to the manager, Offset didn’t hear her asking him to move it, as he was sound asleep, and then the pilot asked him to leave the plane after the plane was taxied to the runway.

TMZ caught video of the group and the manager discussing the situation with a Delta rep and threatening a lawsuit. A Delta spokesman reached out to TMZ to inform them Migos were kicked off their flight because they “refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle seatbelts and stow carry-on in overhead bins.”

Apparently they were booked onto another flight and are now set to arrive in Des Moines, Iowa, where they’re set to perform at 10 o’clock tonight and land at 9 o’clock.

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