Nicki Minaj Was Tweeted Over A Million Times For #NickiDay, Proving Fans Still Can’t Get Enough Of Her

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In much the same way Nicki Minaj can’t quite seem to stop herself from calling b*tches her sons, music fans on Twitter can’t get enough of the queen from Queens, tweeting in reference to her over 1 million times Thursday in a social event that was informally billed as #NickiDay. Celebrating the newly elusive rapper’s triumphant return to the spotlight with the release of “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz,” #NickiDay found thousands of users weighing in on the singles and her illuminating interview with Beats 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe.

The responses ranged from jubilation at the Queen Barb’s return to the rap game to critiques of the songs themselves. Many users tweeted about the rapper’s latest Instagram posts, and there was plenty of speculation about her relationship to Cardi B after it was revealed that Nicki was hurt by the Bronx rapper’s response to the recent “Motorsport” controversy about her slightly rewritten verse.

The unicorn emoji also experienced a surge in popularity as a result of #NickiDay, appearing in over 85,000 tweets in reference to Nicki. Of course, the most enthusiastic posts came from Nicki’s fanbase itself, as “The Kingdom” of Barbz took to the platform in droves to both praise and defend the woman who long ago declared herself their leader. Check out the most retweeted fan accounts below.