Nicki Minaj Called Lil Wayne The Greatest Rapper Alive

Ever since Kendrick Lamar dropped his pre-DAMN. loosie “The Heart Part 4,” and gave himself the title, the question has raged amongst fans and close observers of rap: Who is the greatest rapper alive? To hear Nicki Minaj tell it, the answer is simple; her Young Money mentor Lil Wayne.

The pair recently got back together again to film some scenes for her Remy Ma diss single “No Frauds.” In video shot between takes that she shared on Instagram, Nicki decided to clown around with Weezy, asking him, “Did you know you was singing the Queen of rap?” He laughed, and said, “No, I didn’t know I was signing the Queen of rap.” Then Nicki looked straight into the camera and said, “The greatest rapper alive signed me.” And just in case you think she mis-spoke, she repeated the declaration again seconds later.

There are so many different schools of thought about who reigns as the greatest rapper alive. Many are under the impression that Kendrick holds the titles, myself included. Others believe that while Jay Z and Eminem are still drawing breath, no one will be able to touch them. Then, there are those like Nicki who won’t ever forget Tunechi’s incredible mid-2000s run at the top.

What do you think? Let us know who you think is the greatest rapper alive in the comments below.