Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Have Completely Separate New Year’s Eve Performances Booked

As questions about their relationship status persist, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill will both be performing in Miami for New Year’s Eve. However, there paths may not cross unless they wind up bumping into each other at the airport.

Whether or not Nicki and Meek are still a couple has been a hot topic over the past few days, stemming from fans monitoring the social media moves of both rappers. She unfollowed him on Instagram and they’ve both engaged a bit of subliminal posting that fans have been using for their own interpretations. But, it appears they won’t let anything get in the way of their work — or the sizable checks awaiting them for New Year’s Eve performances.

Minaj is now set to host the festivities at Miami’s E11even nightclub after Jennifer Lopez decided to skip the gig and stay home to enjoy the holiday with her family. NYE events are traditionally big money earners for artists and TMZ suggests the Queen of the Barbz could be picking up a sizable check, even though it’s not the reported $1 million that J. Lo reportedly would be receiving.

Meek will be in the vicinity as he’s got his own gig booked at South Beach’s Dream Nightclub. His services may not be as pricey as Nicki’s but, per TMZ, he’s reportedly getting $200K, which isn’t bad for a night spent poppin’ bottles and standing on couches while waiting on the ball to drop.

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