Nicki Minaj Is The Best Driving Buddy Around In A New Mercedes Benz Commercial

Nicki Minaj seems like she might be fun to hang out with in the new commercial that recently released for Mercedes Benz’ 2018 A-Class model. Anyone who compliments your driving instead of providing a distraction should definitely get that coveted shotgun seat.

You might think Nicki’s hair would be an attention grabber, but she probably makes up for it by saying things like, “Yikes, you did that,” when you manage a difficult curve without scraping the wheels, as she does for her driving buddy in the ad. Of course, her true purpose for appearing in the commercial is to highlight the A-Class’s voice-activated Tidal recognition, which she does by appearing out of thin air like a Barbie-doll-pink genie at the request of her bemused driver.

Nicki’s been laying low since the end of last year working on new music. She has gone on complete social media lockdown as well, which means that her ravenous Twitter-dwelling Barbz have had no interactions with her and her Instagram has been stuck on the last photo she posted back on December 30, 2017 for the last three months. This commercial is the first contact we’ve had from the normally omnipresent rapper, although January brought confirmation that she and Nas had broken up. However, what hasn’t been confirmed yet is a release date on some new music, for which we’d gladly trade all the car commercials in the world.