Unbothered Nicki Minaj Announces Her ‘Pinkprint’ Movie Amid Breakup Rumors

Though all signs point to her relationship going up in flames, Nicki Minaj is all business. That’s kind of her M.O., so it’s no surprise, but what is a surprise is that for her flamboyant Pinkprint tour, the rapper had a concert film in the works the whole time. In fact, this might be just the thing that helps her get closure on that era — given Meek Mill was on tour with her the entire time, she might want to be closing that chapter.

That last tweet certainly seems to point toward starting fresh in 2017. In the preview for the film, which is above courtesy of BET, Minaj reflects on once in a lifetime moments like collaborating with Beyonce on the “Feeling Myself” remix while a clip of one of her performances of the track airs.

The full official film will air on BET on New Year’s Eve at 10 PM EST, which is plenty of time to take it in before the ball drops. After the preview a full title pops up: The Pinkprint Tour: Nicki Minaj Live From Brooklyn. Tune in two weekends to catch the full thing. Guess this is why Nicki is too busy to respond to Azealia Banks and her scathing, petty Facebook posts.

Nicki also posted a clip of the preview herself on Instagram:

Hey, it was Minaj herself who rapped “Life is a movie but there will never be a sequel” on “All Things Go,” so maybe a film has been her plan all along.