Is Nicki Minaj Really Dropping A New Album At Midnight?

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Sometimes, when things are ominously quiet in the music world, it just means something massive is on the way. So when Nicki Minaj announced a new album on Twitter suddenly on Saturday night, it almost seemed true.

Sure, Pick My Fruit Out seemed like a strange name for an album, but so is Pinkprint and that actually exists. Plus, if you squint hard enough and get your mind dirty enough there’s some sexual innuendo to Pick My Fruit Out and that’s right up Nicki’s alley so, sure?

Well, it turns out she was just trolling, but she’s got a following on Twitter over 20 million strong, and Nicki’s Barbz do not play so naturally the hashtag #PickMyFruitOut started trending and so she started having some fun with it all.

First with a tracklist, with a ton of fruit titles, naturally.

Then an addition, explicit track about a certain sexual act that Nicki loves to talk about.

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