Pusha T On The Election: ‘Sometimes Our Losses Are Our Best Teachers’

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Pusha T put himself on the line for Hillary Clinton. He advocated for the Democratic presidential nominee again and again throughout the election season, even given her dicey comments and history with regards to America’s criminal justice system. But if you think King Push is going to let a little thing like the election of Donald Trump stop his political aspirations, then you clearly don’t understand the sort of determination it takes to become sovereign of cocaine.

In an interview with Billboard, Push vows to continue to fight for progressive ideals under Trump’s presidency and says that the election serves as a “wake-up call” for the Americans on the Left.

“I feel like this was a wake up call for many of us who were looking for Hillary to be in office but were a bit passive about getting her in office,” he says. “There are a multitude of things that to me are why she is not in office now. There are plenty of groups who put Trump in office. We all could have done more.”

“Now, we have to wear this burden, we are going to have to fight through it for four years, and hopefully we will never forget,” the G.O.O.D. Music head adds. “Sometimes losses are the best teachers.”

Push went on to say that he’s not going to stop fighting for criminal justice reform just because Clinton lost. “That’s not going to stop simply because Hillary is not in office,” he says. “Whoever is in office will have to address it or at least hear us out. It’s a blemish and black eye on our society.”

Can we get a “EGHCK” from the congregation?

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