Questlove Once Again Draws The Short Straw With This Disgusting Taste Test On ‘The Tonight Show’

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02.04.17 2 Comments

Questlove has no trouble finding respect in the music world, but the same can’t be said for his time on The Tonight Show. Given his gift for reactions to some of Jimmy Fallon’s sillier moments, I can understand wanting to drag him along for these stunts. That doesn’t mean I’m not feeling bad for the guy.

Who wants to eat ground up cricket meat? Or some sort of awful sushi featuring Cool Ranch Doritos? Nobody. Putting Gordon Ramsay through the ringer is something I understand because you’re turning the tables on a guy who gets his jollies yelling at people for a living. The same goes for Fallon since he’s still working off all that Trump business.

But why do this to Questlove? What did he do to deserve this? Is this his purgatory? I get that he’s paid well and the band is willingly on The Tonight Show, but this is far from freestyling or pretending to be Simon And Garfunkel.

Then again, it could all be fake. This might be Questlove’s idea and all the food is really delicious, all in an effort to show he’s a master showman. I know I said the same thing last time they did this sort of game, but It does help to get through the show. Some sort of Alex Jones level conspiracy where everything is scripted and nothing is genuine in late night television.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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