Rapsody’s Ab-Soul Collab ‘2 AM’ Is A Wake-Up Call For Anyone Still Sleeping On Her

11.16.16 1 year ago

At some point, we’re all going to have to recognize Rapsody is one of the best MCs to emerge from the Carolinas. That’s no disrespect to J. Cole, Phonte or Petey Pablo. Instead, it’s a nod to her consistent growth over the last few years cemented on outings like her latest track, “2 A.M.”

With 9th Wonder and Khrysis backing her on the boards, the Jamla MC has a winning hand before she even spits her first bar on the track. But, once she does, it’s then and there that she clears up any maybes. Rap’s first verse is filled with pearls of wisdom that didn’t necessarily require her to take the hard route most rappers are prone to brag about. “I know a few used to beens and some that never was,” she rhymes, “And I ain’t have to grow up in streets, I know it well enough, Grew up with homies that grew up in it, fell for some.”

Her quick but vivid rundown of the things she learned by living sets the stage for Ab-Soul to roll through with an eye-opening verse of his own. Over the jazzy production, Soulo’s at ease and his flow’s so crisp that it’ll make you wish he and TDE could get on the same page to release his album sooner rather than later.

“See music is the king of all professions, that’s partially
Cause even at crossroads it can bring Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony
Hip is to be intelligent, hop is for the movement
In other words if you ain’t riding you stupid”

And, just like that, the beat switches and back comes Rapsody, taking the audio audible like “Marcus Mariota, came in with wings on my shoulder” and littering another verse with a wealth of sports references that Phife Dawg would love. Her wordplay with the double entendres might trip up the average MC but not Rap. She bowls right through verse just like she did verse one, solidifying her spot as one of NC’s finest.

The Roc signee also just released her new Crown EP, which sports features from the aforementioned Ab, Anderson .Paak and Raphael Saadiq. Stream and download the full project below as well.

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