Pictures Of Rihanna Frenching A Beautiful Man In A Pool Have Surfaced And The Internet Can’t Cool Down

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06.27.17 3 Comments

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Rihanna. In a pool. With a new man. These are words that most fans of the Barbadian beauty have been dying to hear for weeks, or maybe even months? Possibly years? The last guy we knew Rih Rih was linked with was Drake, and well, he never can quite live up to our expectations can he? She seems to feel the same way.

But this new guy… whoever he is, is well on his way to beloved territory when it comes to the Internet. It’s a longstanding belief held by her insatiable Navy that there may not be a guy out there who is actually good enough for this woman. So whoever this new mystery man is, he has a very high standard to live up to. Then again, there’s no one the Internet would rather see loved up and happy than Rih, who has been through her fair share of bullsh*t exes in the past. I won’t write his name here, but you all know who I mean.

Check out some pics that fans are sharing on Twitter of the steamy moment between Rihanna and her new mystery man below, along with all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about her newfound love.

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