Run The Jewels Let This Guy Come On Stage And Perform With Them At Lollapalooza And He Killed It

Look, everybody loves Run The Jewels, and rightfully so, but if there were any stragglers out there still waiting for a reason to take the dive and join the RTJ party they may have finally gotten one at Lollapalooza. Mike and El-P were running through their set when they spotted a fan with a sign that they just had to honor.

The fan, Jacob Powell, had a sign that asked if he could rap the RTJ3 cut “Legend Has It,” a random and seemingly impossible request. Now, we’ve seen artists like Kendrick Lamar bring fans on stage in smaller venues, it happens all of the time, but spotting one guy in a sea of 100,000 people at a festival? That’s absurd.

But RTJ did just that, and El-P politely asked the man to come on stage so they could honor his request. When Jacob finally made it to the stage he was about as amped and nervous as could be expected, but when he got his chance, something incredible happened: Jacob killed it.

Yes, after some egging on by Mike and El-P, he rapped the first verse of the track acapella and had the crowd and RTJ so amped Mike picked him up on his shoulders before he could even finish the verse. Check out the whole performance in the video above.