Smino Hinted At A Collaborative Project With Saba and Noname On His Instagram Story

Smino, Saba, and Noname are all in the running for rap album of 2018 with their solo projects, and now they’re looking to sew up 2019 together. As you can see below, Smino answered a question on his Instagram story promising a new project from the trio next year. After “Ace” debuted on Noname’s confessional Room 25, so many of the artist’s devoted fans have been clamoring for more. Now they’re getting it in grand fashion. The combination of sonic ingenuity that Smino displayed on Noir, the poignancy that Saba delivered on Care For Me, and spoken-word lyricism that Noname showed on Room 25 will be amazing to hear on one project. Their gifts coalesce in a wonderful fashion.

Smino didn’t offer any details about a name for the project, specific time frame, the length of the project or anything else, but we can guess it will be soulful, melodic, and feel richly therapeutic. If one looked up “Noname Smino Saba” on Twitter since “Ace” dropped or took a look at their mentions, they’d see the demand for this project. They did all their fans – and their already-impressive catalogs – a favor by listening to their supporters on this one.

For now, all three artists are getting the most out of the albums they released in 2018. Noname is set to embark on her Room 25 tour in January, Saba performed last night on Skullcandy Live Stream, and Smino is still basking in the positive feedback from the just-released Noir.