Snoop Dogg Gifted Willie Nelson With A Very Marijuana-Friendly Christmas Sweater

Rap star Snoop Dogg and country legend share one common bond aside from music: marijuana. In fact, anyone would be hard-pressed to name other artists who enjoy to toke as much as these two do. Snoop was obviously in the holiday spirit because he gifted his bud buddy with an ugly Christmas sweater that celebrates their favorite green leaf.

Nelson shared a photo of himself wearing the shirt, which sports the words “Smoke Weed” and features a pot leaf decorated with Christmas lights. It’s a fitting gift between two pals who have shared a lighthearted friendship over the years. The two musicians have recorded songs together — “Superman” and “My Medicine” to name a couple — and even had their share of hijinks, including that unforgettable weed-influenced misadventure to KFC one time.

Snoop reposted to the image to his Instagram with a link to the site to purchase,, which hosts several other delightfully tacky holiday knits bearing some of his songs lyrics and other patented catchphrases — like “We don’t love ho ho hoes” — plus a priceless crewneck that features the Doggfather with Martha Stewart. Smart money says wait a few days and maybe they’ll go on sale, which would be the perfect time to go ahead and grab a couple to puff puff pass to your own friends next year around this time. I’ll see myself out.

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