Sonny Digital Calls Out French Montana’s ‘Unforgettable’ Producer Memory Lapse

“Unforgettable” is French Montana’s biggest hit ever — it tops our Song Of The Summer list and has been racking up accolades elsewhere, including a No. 6 slot on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite all this, French Montana still completely forgot the names of the song’s producers. When he was asked yesterday on the Breakfast Club who produced the massive record, he said “a kid Ben somethin’,” which sounds nothing like 1Mind Music and Jaegen, who were the two actual producers of his biggest record. You can watch that lapse go down up above.

Upcoming artist Quake called French and the industry out after the interview, tweeting that “if it wasn’t for the producer most of these tracks would be straight up ASS. Show more love!!!” He was then blocked by French, but not before Sonny Digital replied to his tweet, saying it “proved his point about producers” being considered expendable in modern hip-hop.

Sonny has gone in before about how producers should be given better treatment in the industry, especially in an era when so many melodic artists have a more symbiotic relationship with production and engineering than ever before. This is a pretty egregious example. “Unforgettable” is French’s biggest record to date, and he didn’t even think enough of the people who laced him to remember their name. What’s even more telling is Jaegen’s response to the incident:

French did later tweet out their names on his account, but that was 10 hours after first being called out. The damage was already pretty much done yesterday, but hopefully French remembers their names from now on.