SZA Had A Hilariously Fitting Reaction To Barack Obama Including Her On His Year End Playlist

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After a massive 2017 where she dropped one of — if not the — best albums of the year, SZA is all but assured an even bigger 2018. She’s been tabbed for a late night performance at Coachella, and she’s nominated for more Grammys than any other woman this year, with five nominations including Best New Artist. But last week, SZA was bestowed an honor that might top all of that, and it left her in a state of disbelief.

When Barack Obama released his annual year-end playlist, it wasn’t a huge shocker to see SZA’s glorious track “Broken Clocks” on his list, it’s an amazing song and SZA is a superstar. But none of us are SZA, so while on vacation, the 28-year-old singer found out Barack put her on his list and her all caps reaction was hilariously fitting.

“LMAO YOUR A LIAR” she screamed back at her friend, as just about anybody would when given amazing news like that. She quickly added, “I LOVE HIM AND WANT HIM TO BE KING FOREVER AND EVER.” It’s perfect, and is a fun reminder that though she’s as outrageously talented, SZA is still getting used to a level of fame that is befitting her talent. Or, just that Barack is amazing and just about anybody would flip out if they found out the former President knew they existed somehow.

Check out SZA’s full reaction below.