Talib Kweli Opens Up About His ‘Art Project’ Of Answering Anonymous Twitter Trolls

Editorial Director, Life
09.14.16 8 Comments

Talib Kweli is a man of many hyphens. He’s a rapperactivistsupergroup architecttruth tellerrevolutionary. And he’s fresh-as-hell at all of those things — whether dropping backflip flows or hanging with Obama, Kweli habitually locks shit down.

And yet somehow, while balancing a jet-setter’s schedule, he makes time to answer any troll who wants to fire 140 characters of vitriol his way. The man has 1.08 million Twitter followers and yet he constantly responds to people who created their accounts solely to go at him.

While we were on the line, I had to ask Kweli why he bothers with the sort of people who clearly don’t get it.

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