Brooklyn Singer Taquirah Expresses Pain Through The Power Of Dance In The Music Video For ‘Lonely’

12.21.18 6 months ago

It’s the end of the year, which means everyone’s reflecting on their wins and losses over the past 12 months. Those getting past a breakup may identify with “Lonely,” an introspective single from Brooklyn-based vocalist Taquirah. “What can I do to go and make me leave you lonely?/ What can I be to make you want to stay?” she ponders over a smooth, guitar-driven production.

The Isabella Tan-directed video infuses Taquirah’s other love along with music: Dancing. Taquirah is a trained dancer, and along with dancer Jessica Hu (who has performed with artists such as Dev Hynes, Wyclef, T-Pain and Macklemore) she juxtaposed the opposing spheres of love in brilliant fashion. Taquirah danced gracefully in her room, balletically communicating the feelings of vulnerability and sadness that follow a breakup, while Hu’s contemporary routine highlighted the torment and infuriating aspects of separating.

“Lonely,” is a track from Taquirah’s upcoming Divine album, which will be released on Dojo Records. Over email, she said the following about the reflective track:

“Lonely” is a visual movement piece that tells a story of a black woman who feels neglected and unloved. Within her acknowledging all her feelings she finally realizes it’s most important to love yourself instead of begging for that love from someone else. This piece talks about strength of walking away from unmatched love. I was inspired by the women in my family that ultimately walked away from unhealthy relationships and focused on having a healthier relationship with themselves.”

Watch the video above.

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