Taylor Swift Gave Amber Rose’s Five-Year-Old Son The Surprise Of His Life


Has Taylor Swift found her youngest Swiftie yet? The pop titan surprised Amber Rose and her 5-year-old son with VIP tickets for her upcoming Reputation tour. And as Amber showed last night (March 20) on Instagram, Sebastian couldn’t be have been more grateful or adorable.

Sebastian was distracted at first by how the gift box was decorated with the Reputation album art. “Oh my god, she sent me a letter. What is A-M-B-E-R?” he says, because of course he doesn’t know his mother by her first name. It wasn’t until Amber asked Sebastian to thank Taylor on camera, when he seemed to fully understand what was happening. “Taylor sent me this?!” he asked, gasping.


Sebastian recently celebrated his fifth birthday with a Suicide Squad-themed birthday party thrown by Amber and his father Wiz Khalifa. He also had his hair bleached to match his mom’s.

Amber continues to be active as an influencer and activist. Recently on The Raw Word, Amber called Hollywood’s embrace of the Me Too movement “frustrating.” “All of a sudden, feminism became such a mainstream thing now that white — no shade — white, rich actresses start coming out saying, ‘Me too, me too.'” But, what happened to all of us?” she said.

Swift launches her Reputation tour on May 8 in Glendale, Arizona. Fellow pop innovators Charli XCX and Camila Cabello are set to open.