Taylor Swift’s New ‘Delicate’ Video Is Accused Of Ripping Off A Spike Jonze Perfume Ad

Taylor Swift has turned the creativity up to 11 for the videos in support of Reputation, and it seemed like her latest clip, for “Delicate,” was similarly inventive. In the video, which premiered at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, Swift gets goofy once she realizes that she has become invisible, shouting in people’s faces, dancing around, and otherwise going bonkers in a way that only somebody that unseen could.

As Metro notes, though, some fans have pointed out that the video really reminded them of a 2016 perfume ad for French fasion label Kenzo. In the commercial, which was directed by Spike Jonze, the protagonist, played by Margaret Qualley, finds herself in a similarly upscale setting. Although this character isn’t invisible (she instead has the power of flight and to make things explode), she still dances like nobody’s watching.

One fan wrote that Swift’s video “ripped off” Jonze’s ad and said, “It’s almost beat-for-beat, just with worse dancing.” Another shared screenshots of the two videos showing scenes from the two clips that are very similar to each other:

Watch both Swift’s “Delicate” video and Jonze’s Kenzo ad above and compare them for yourself, and learn more about the “Delicate” video here.