Tee Grizzley Trades Aggressive Threats With Meek Mill On Their Fiery New Single, ‘Beef’

Tee Grizzley is continuing his post-lockdown come-up with fellow street rapper Meek Mill on his aggressive new single, “Beef.”

Things have been looking up for Grizz since his “First Day Out” out of prison. His celebratory single blew up on social media as motivation music for NBA superstar Lebron James and garnered a special shout-out from Jay-Z — on the same day. He’s more than happy to share those wins with fellow formerly incarcerated battle rapper Meek Mill, who could use a few wins after an embarrassing showing on the basketball court and a traffic arrest for driving recklessly on his dirt bike in New York. There was also that little tiff between himself and a certain Canadian, but it seems he doesn’t really consider that a loss, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The two display excellent chemistry on the fiery track, trading bars about showing up at their rivals’ houses and inviting them to catch a fade, and Tee Grizzley gets off a strong anime reference (“Blue beam on that chopper, kamehameha / Throw them Dragon Balls at you like I’m Kakarot”), proving once again that some of the toughest tough guys and goons are really just nerds on the inside. Check out “Beef” up top.