Everyone On The Internet Is Lining Up To Take The #LeBronJamesChallenge

06.23.17 2 years ago 3 Comments


Shortly after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, LeBron James took to social media to show off his freshly-shaved dome and to mean mug in the gym while blasting Tee Grizzly’s “First Day Out.” While amusing, the short video was a hundred percent authentic to James.

It showed that James was already working out despite being just days removed from a disappointing end to the season, and on top of that, the Cavs superstar was also blasting one of his favorite songs, a frequent post on his social media channels. However, what James may not have foresaw happening was that his Instagram post would start a social media movement.

Inspired by James, people have taken to social media to accept the #LeBronJamesChallenge. The rules of the challenge are quite simple: mean mug like James and imitate the video in every way possible. Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brother Thanasis were willing participants in the challenge and have a solid enough entry.

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