The Weeknd Shares Two New, Spotify-Exclusive Videos To Celebrate The Release Of HIs New EP


The Weeknd has released a new EP, My Dear Melancholy, in which he returns to his original, heartbroken style. Accompanying the new EP, The Weeknd has released two music videos that reflect the pensive mood of his newfound musical direction, “Try Me” and “Call Out My Name.”

In the “Call Out My Name” video, Abel appears on a collection of TV screens behind a woman sprawled out on a dinner table. He sings of betrayal and disappointment while she watches him until she apparently falls asleep. “Call Out My Name” is getting lots of attention online for a lyric in which Abel references cutting out a “piece of me to save your life,” which fans are interpreting as a thinly-veiled reference to Selena Gomez, whom he recently broke up with, and her recent kidney transplant. Apparently, he offered to be her donor.

In the “Try Me” video, Abel films himself Snapchat-style as he takes a ride with a pair of women who make out in the background. Both videos are shot in vertical orientation, implying that they’re meant to be viewed on a phone screen, which makes sense, as more and more people are consuming their content via mobile device than ever before.

Both videos are currently Spotify exclusive, so if you don’t already have a subscription, you might be out of luck until the exclusivity period expires. If you do, you can check them out on The Weeknd’s profile page.