T.I. Reveals His Plans To Retire From Rap

T.I.’s had what most would consider to be an impact with his musical career over the years. But, he like every other artist understands that all good things must come to an end at some point. Instead of having anyone else determine when his run will end, Tip’s got his own rap retirement plan already sketched out.

The outspoken Atlanta rapper was a guest on The Breakfast Club Friday for a convo that covered his public criticism of Lil Wayne for his Black Lives Matter statements, the shift to making more conscious music like his Us or Else project and his recent open letters to former President Obama, Donald Trump and the black community as well as the prospect of The Family Hustle getting another season. But music was the topic that revealed where Tip plans to go musically.

“I have three more albums in my head already conceptualized,” he told radio show’s hosts. “Once I get them out, I’m done.” He described his next project, presumably Dime Trap, as “trap 2017” and the one to follow as “love as it pertains to a dopeboy.” He did happen to mention that a joint project with Jeezy will be wedged in there somewhere, once each guy’s schedule eases up a bit.

The description of his third release is where he offered up full details about how he wants to finish out his musical career. “My final album called Kill the King simply because ever since my first album I put the title of ‘King of the South’ on there,” he said. “To make yours the king is to make yourself a target. In chess, the object is to kill the king. So Kill the King will be my final project. Will they kill him? Or will he ride off into the sunset happily ever after?”

Regardless of the final outcome, T.I. made one thing very clear about what’s next for music. “I’m ready to get the hell out of here,” he said.