Lil Wayne’s Daughter Thinks T.I. Could’ve Texted Instead Of Publicly Shaming Him

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11.07.16 10 Comments

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The fallout from Lil Wayne’s Black Lives Matter rant on Nightline continues and now his daughter is getting into the act. Reginae Carter decided to defend her father against a recent and very public tongue lashing from T.I.

On Saturday, T.I. took to Instagram to give his two cents on Weezy’s rant with a lengthy one of his own that called Wayne’s “unacceptable” while accusing Wayne of “buffoonery and coonin.” He wrote, “You’re disrespecting yourself, bringing shame on your family name and tarnishing your legacy.” Tip also chose to remind Wayne that he knew the real person, not the rapper, because they’ve shared family time together countless times with Reginae Carter hanging out with the Harris family.

Well, little Reignae, now 18, wasn’t too thrilled with her dad’s old rap friend for calling him out on social media. She commented under one of Tip’s photos saying, “You lost his number? You should’ve copied and pasted this and sent it to him thru via text but u wanna seek for attention.”

She later posted a pic of her as a kid kissing her dad on the cheek and included the caption “I’ll always be right by your side ! I love you daddy.” Of course, as trolls often do, commenters turned their attacks to young Carter, forcing her to close her Instagram comments off the time being.

I'll always be right by your side ! I love you daddy ❤️

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Here’s the rub: as “right” as T.I.’s comments may have been, Reignae is just as “right” with hers. If both artists are as cool as Tip insinuates, he could’ve picked up the phone and DMed, texted or even called his fellow “Swagger Like Us” rapper instead of putting him on blast publicly. Yes, Wayne mishandled the interview — he apparently tried to stop it from airing — and he apologized for it in the wake. Instead of piling on, T.I. probably would’ve gotten a better response than “fk ya” if he had just reached out to Wayne one-on-one.

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