T.I.’s Photoshopped Picture Of MLK Wearing A Falcons Fitted Is Raising Eyebrows

02.05.17 1 year ago

Comedy Central

Every year on MLK Day, party promoters photoshop Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s face on club flyers to remind potential club goers that “there’s no work or school on Monday” so they might as well come out and twerk in honor of King’s birthday. It’s distasteful as f*ck, but it happens. And now that the Atlanta Falcons are one win away from claiming their first Super Bowl victory, MLK’s face is offensively being used again.

T.I. posted this photoshopped picture of the iconic civil rights leader wearing a Falcons fitted. What’s even more facepalm-worthy is that the picture was put through a filter to really add in an extra layer of disrespect. Obviously, fans of the “Us or Else” rapper aren’t feeling the image and are demanding he take it down.

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