Tyler The Creator Says ‘Flower Boy’ Should Win Best Rap Grammy Over Kendrick Lamar And Jay-Z’s Albums

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Tyler The Creator, nominated for the Best Rap Album Grammy Award, is advocating for his Flower Boy album to beat out the competition, which includes Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z. Tyler being Tyler, he does this in characteristically off-color and blunt fashion.

During his appearance on actor Shane Powers’ podcast, The Shane Show, Tyler emphatically stated his feelings for why the more-mature Flower Boy deserved to win. The quote in questions appears around the 49:45 mark of the show.

I love Jay, but f*ck, you have Grammys, dog. And I love Kendrick, and I think DAMN. was awesome. “XXX.,” No. 12, was my favorite song on that album… And I think it’s great, but f*ck, like, n—a nominated for six other ones. Let him get one of those. I think just in the climate of music now, the sound and just how I went about it, and even my album cover. My album cover should win a goddamn award.

I think it would be tight if I won, just because it’s something different. And it’s no one speaking for that—those people. I don’t even wanna use the word “weird” because I feel like that’s a cheap word, but just the “me’s.” The “me’s” rarely is up there. I know if I win something, they’ll feel like they won something. I just think — I think it’s time.

Flower Boy was a departure for the leader of the rabble-rousing Odd Future clique. Evolving from his Puckish, shock-rap beginnings, the album found Tyler becoming more forthright, earnest, and introspective, all while raising his personal bar on production and presentation. It would be a shame for it to lose, but against a field that also includes Migos’ Culture and Rapsody’s Laila’s Wisdom, he’s got plenty of competition. And who knows? Maybe if he does lose, it’ll help him out in the long run.