Vince Staples And Ty Dolla Sign’s Opposing Styles Mesh Perfectly On ‘Rain Come Down’

There’s only two weeks left until the world gets a new Vince Staples album but the Long Beach MC isn’t waiting until June 23rd to give his fans some new music. To coerce fans into copping a pre-release Vince popped up Thursday night offering his new single “Rain Come Down” with Ty Dolla Sign as a bonus for anybody buying the album early.

The new track is the third release from the 12-song LP so far, following up February’s “BagBak” and the most recent release “Big Fish.” Ty Dolla is the first guest appearance thus far in Vince’s run up to Big Fish Theory and as of now the tracklist hasn’t been released so there’s no way to know if more guests will pop up on the album.

Vince and Ty Dolla make for a nice contrast, as Vince’s rambunctious raps mesh well with Ty’s soothing chorus and ad-libs. The production is even a tad subdued, giving each artist space to operate at their desired speed. All of that allows Vince to sprint through the beat as Ty waltzes through calmly giving the track an adventurous back and forth over the 4-mintue runtime.

Check out “Rain Come Down” above and pre-order Vince Staple’s Big Fish Theory on iTunes here before it hits retailers on June 23rd.