Waka Flocka’s Gucci Mane Diss Track ‘Was My Dawg’ Cancels Any Chances Of Reconciliation

Waka Flocka didn’t spare anyone’s feelings with “Was My Dawg,” his new diss track aimed at former friend and mentor Gucci Mane.

It’s just the latest entry in the former Brick Squad members long-running beef and the song comes after Flocka was on BBC Radio airing out a few of his grievances with Gucci. Besides shutting down any plans of a reconciliation, he also threw a little dirt on Gucci by suggesting his street cred isn’t as thorough as Mr. Zone 6 would have everyone to believe. It was all part of Flocka’s need to exhale. “Some stuff you gotta get off your chest or it’s gonna make you an angry person,” he said on radio, alluding to the song prior to its release.

It’s not a highly lyrical affair and no names are said but the implications are strong enough to make it understand Gucci’s the target of the shots. Flocka uses the track to say he’s not interested in party invites and attempts to be cool. The Turn-Up God accuses Guwop of being a “ball hog” when it comes to fame, a point he’s made a few times in past. He goes so far as to threaten to spray up his adversary’s house “like Febreeze.”

Who knows how Gucci will respond but, as long as the two of them keep it all on wax, let them say what needs to be said so maybe one day they can eventually say their apologies and be cool again.