Did Yelawolf Quietly Quit Rap After An Apparent Onstage Meltdown?

11.30.16 2 years ago

Looks like Yelawolf may be the latest artist to succumb to the pressures of the music industry. The rapper reportedly had a meltdown while on his Trial by Fire tour and may have quit rap all together.

In a video dated November 21, the 36-year-old rapper is seen performing on stage before telling fans he just got off the phone with Travis Barker and that he “can’t do this no more.” Yelawolf then drops the mic, only to pick it back up when fans start protesting. “Aye! What? F*ck what? Keep going because I’m a slave? You think I gotta keep going for because you paid me, motherf*cker? I’ll fight you!” Yelawolf was serious too because he took off his shirt and went searching for the heckler who yelled “F*ck you!” in the crowd.

The rapper eventually got back on stage, only to slam his mic down and walk away after fans refused to stay silent enough for him to continue his rant. “If you love me, you would understand as a fan–,” he said before raging.

So what the hell happened?

Yelawolf hasn’t made any statements regarding the bizarre show, but he did change his Instagram from his show name to his government name, Michael Wayne Atha. Plus, according to friend and Slumerican artist Struggle, Yelawolf has also canceled the remainder of Trial by Fire tour.

The apparent meltdown comes on the heels of recent incidents involving Kanye and Kid Cudi, which makes the discussion revolving around musicians and mental health all the more relevant.

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